The problem with the role of product marketing is that it's too tactical. It's time to rethink product marketing for the 21st century. More strategic. More business driven. More impact.

Product marketing is often confused with product management. They are two sides of the same coin, but different. And the lines between product marketing and marketing communications are often blurred. If you don't believe me, just ask your HR department to try to explain the differences.

The mission of BrainKraft is to fix this problem. We need a common set of roles, responsibilities, methods, and best practices. And we need a way to measure it so product marketing managers can focus on the most important activities that drive business growth. The BrainKraft School is one way to fulfill that vision.

David Keith Daniels

Hi, I'm Dave. I've survived 20+ years in the ever-changing technology industry. I've been a software developer. I've been a sales engineer. I've been a product manager. I've been a product marketing manager. And I've had the privilege of leading those roles and delivering award-winning products. I've led a few companies too. And I started and sold a company.

For almost a decade I taught over 5,000 product managers and product marketing managers in hundreds of technology companies all over the world as a certified instructor for Pragmatic Marketing®. Today I work with teams to implement the best practices in product marketing.

I hope you'll agree with some things we talk about and disagree with others. That's how a discussion starts.

BrainKraft is a platform for building better product marketing and better product marketing managers. I hope you'll join me on the journey.