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3 Reasons Why You're Having Trouble Getting Marketing Investments and How You Can Fix It

Product marketing is facing a number of challenges today and one of those challenges is to justify marketing investments. How often are you being asked to explain why the company should invest in marketing activity ‘X’ over marketing activity ‘Y’? In the business world say “I feel really good...


Product Marketers: How to Succeed in a Sales-Driven Organization

It's possible if you follow a few simple rules Sales-driven organizations have many attributes. Some are positive and some not so positive. On the positive side, the company is growing. That growth helps drive good things: new offices, better tools, better benefits, and more...


The New Rules of Product Marketing

Product marketing managers were hired to relieve product managers of the extraneous activities that were keeping them from building more exciting new products. The new product marketing managers did all the things the product managers didn’t have time to do: competitive analysis, sales...


5 Smart Reasons Why a Buyer’s Journey Decision Map is the new Sales Process

You are living under a rock if you haven't read something about the buyer's journey. It's discussed most often in marketing circles, but there are bigger implications. A buyer's journey lists the steps buyers take to buy a product or service. It is much more detailed than a sales...


Breaking Down the Barriers Between Product Marketing and Product Management

Think about roles first, then job titles The job titles of product marketing manager and product manager are sufficiently confusing to start a raging debate about who does what. Adding to the confusion is when organizations transpose the job titles, and sometimes within the same...